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Software Testing

Software testing is a systematic activity which identifies defects in the software and helps in correcting and preventing them before the software is released to the end user.

In a world of increasing dependence on Software, Improper functioning of software can lead to serious circumstances such as injuries or death (aero plane software failures may lead to fatalities), loss of time (slow processing), loss of money etc.

Testing of Software has become one of the fastest growing areas of corporate IT expenditure.

According to Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC)Testing has become one of the fastest growing areas of corporate IT expenditure& worldwide spending on testing (including both internal and external testing skills, tools and related hardware and systems) will reach approximately €79bn in 2010, and will nearly hit the €100bn mark by 2014 meaning enormous growth in opportunities for Software Testers.

Software Testing Opportunities:

With so many sectors leveraging Information Technology to simplify, improve and innovate business processes in their respective fields (Oil & Exploration, Telecom, Health Care, Air Travel etc....) the potential for software development is immense. For each project, a team of testing professionals is a must. Different projects carry different ratio of Development personnel to Testing personnel but the industry practice is 3:

1. Meaning for every 3 developers there must be one test engineer to successfully implement software.

Any graduate with qualified training on Software Testing can aspire for a career in software testing. Most of the companies recruit from the following qualifications, B.Sc, B.Com, BCA, B.Tech, MCA, M.Sc, M.Techetc Global Softech is an acknowledged leader in Software Testing and Automation Testing trainings across India. Global Softech has a mature training plan with comprehensive coverage on all testing topics backed by qualified/certified/experienced trainers.

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